The bedroom situation as it currently stands…

In writing about the new bed frame we picked up last weekend, I realized I’ve never actually posted photos showing how we’ve been using our home’s two in-tact bedrooms. Technically our house has somewhere between 3 and 4 bedrooms, depending on how you prefer to count. The true master bedroom (the official 3rd bedroom) of the house has an unofficial 4th bedroom (complete with two small closets) attached at the very end, with no way to access this 4th room without walking through the master. Since we have plans to do some major renovations in that part of the house come Spring and Summer, we’ve been using the house’s two smaller bedrooms as our bedroom and office in the meantime.

The small room facing the back of the house has become our bedroom:


…yeah. I don’t think this is a room that will ever get repinned to Pinterest.  ;)

It occurs to me that this may be the first time I’ve posted a photo of this small rear bedroom since moving furniture into it. So far, all we’ve done in this room is paint (Benjamin Moore: Super White,) installed a new light fixture, removed some window screens, and hung drapes. Way back last year I’d planned to expand this room (by pushing out a wall and grabbing some space from what’s currently being used by bathrooms) and keep it forever as the location for the Master Bedroom, but we’ve since changed our minds and moved our plans for the future Master Bedroom back to the far back of the house (to the room I’d last thought might be my sewing room) – floorplan updates coming soon!

Our new bed will be replacing our  tall craftsman-ish leather padded oak set bought by Husband during his bachelor days. It was handsome enough (although our cross country moves took their toll,) but I’m looking forward to not banging my toes on the foot board, and being able to hang artwork above the bed without it looking ridiculously high up, and having built in storage under the bed, and not needing a step-stool for our cat (she’s getting older and lazier and is a bit overweight… without the step stool she just whines by the side of the bed until one of us lifts her up.)


“Why does gravity have to be so strong…?” – Ozma

Poor thing.

Truth be told, we didn’t really need a new bed frame right away (or ever I suppose… Bedframes are nice but kind of supurfluous in the grand scheme of things. Although, a place for a clock and cup of water near the bed is essential IMO.) Our old bed, while a little inconvenient, was serving its purpose just fine, but we’ve been planning to rearrange some rooms in order to Tetris furniture out of our house’s back addition (which I’m currently using as a sewing room and storage while the garage is worked on.) We thought it might be better to eventually swap our bedroom furniture into our front bedroom, and our office furniture into our back bedroom, which would give me room to bring in some sewing room furniture (or at least the spare futon) into the temporary office (is this too confusing yet?)

Buuuut if we moved the old craftsman bed into the front bedroom (currently being used as our office) there is only one unoccupied wall it would fit on: the one with the window. And the headboard would have been too tall to clear it without blocking a substantial chunk of glassy real-estate.

By the way, I don’t think I’ve ever posted real post-listing photos of our office/front bedroom before, either! This is our office! Husband’s desk is hidden in the back corner on the right side of the frame. The room looks small but it’s actually about 12′ x 9’6″.


I uh, I think it may be time for me to start looking for a new desk chair for me. How embarrassing. Ummm maybe focus on my beautiful new Eames House Bird, instead! Thank you again, Ed Tan!  :)

ANYWAY, it turns out Husband is completely against the idea of any bed, even a temporary one, covering a window at all, which was what instigated my new bed frame search. I’m not sure when (or if) we’ll actually swap the bedrooms (Husband thinks if we do move our bed to the front bedroom we should wait to set up our office and take that chance to take down the back bedroom’s drywall, insulate the outside walls, and re-wire the room for grounded electrical and Cat6 cables. I think that sounds like a lot of work, especially if he plans on us finishing the drywall ourselves like we did in the Living Room, and that it may be best to put that off until after the big master bedroom/bathroom renovation is done. We shall see.) Either way, we can’t keep all the new bed parts out disassembled all over our living and dining rooms like they are now, so hopefully it wont take much more time to finish cleaning up and conditioning the new bed frame, disassemble the old frame, and reassemble the new one and take some photos in whichever room we decide to use.


Just getting all this stuff re-assembled and out of the hallways counts as progress, right?  ;)


Adventures in Craigslisting: New Bed Frame!

Well that was fast – we christened The Truck this past weekend with it’s first haul: A giant mid century Danish-style solid (heavy!) wood teak platform bed with floating nightstands!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of us loading it all up because it was RAINING the whole time and we needed to rush to get it all packed into the truck and securely bungee corded and covered with tarps and blankets before the wood got soaked through.

I do have some photos I stole and stitched together from the Craigslist posting, though:


As you can see, it’s not in the best shape. BUT the price was about 1/2 to 1/4th the price similar beds sell for in our market, and about equal to what we would have paid to get a veneered particle board bed frame with drawers from IKEA (and it would be even more expensive if you add in the cost of new night stands and bed slats,) so I was willing to take a chance on something in need of a little refurbishment.  That said, I’m really hoping they aren’t varnished as I would rather not have to CitriStrip and sand and refinish the whole thing like they do in some tutorials…  x.x  Ain’t nobody got time for that! In the meantime, simply scrubbing it down with murphy’s oil soap and butcher block polish/wax could be a good stop-gap? (And if it doesn’t shine up as much as I’d like, maybe I’ll do the strip and sand route a few years down the line…)

To be honest, I’m still a little amazed we actually got this bed. I was a little slow on my ‘Craigslist game’ and we ended up being the 3rd party to contact the seller about it, and they already had plans made with someone else to come and see it that afternoon. I was bummed. I started planning on just buying a metal collapsible frame and making a DIY padded plywood headboard instead, thinking it could be months or years before another bed like this popped up at that price… but a few days later we received another email from the seller! Turns out neither of the two people ahead of us had bothered to check the sellers posted dimensions against the sizes of their bedrooms before coming out to see it in person! So to the wise (and amply-roomed, I suppose?) go the spoils!

We’ve been on the hunt for a bed like this to replace our old bed frame for awhile, pinning similar beds like:

"Architectural Record 1960 featured by Home of the Yr American Institute Architects AIA/Seattle Times award winner Nesland (worked w/Mithun)" Home in Burien, WA we toured, photo via listing.

“Architectural Record 1960 featured by Home of the Yr American Institute Architects AIA/Seattle Times award winner Nesland (worked w/Mithun)” Home in Burien, WA we toured, photo via listing.

Via Apartment Therapy, bonus: we bought this comforter!

Via Apartment Therapy, bonus: we bought this comforter!

via: Bedroom At The Whistler Residence by BattersbyHowat Architects

Bedroom At The Whistler Residence by BattersbyHowat Architects

Home in New South Wales, via:

Home in New South Wales, via:


las tunas malibu, architect bruce bolander, via:

las tunas malibu, architect bruce bolander, via:


Ah… I think that’s enough for now. Browsing inspiration photos like this always eventually makes me a little sad that our house (and my photography) are still years away from looking so good. Gotta keep moving forward though, one step at a time.  :)

Why does the sun have to set so EARLY?

So, it turns out updating a photo heavy blog when you get home every day after the sun has set is HARD.  Not like, super hard, because I guess I could take photos in the morning or on weekends, but just hard enough that it manages to keep getting pushed off. Kicking that can down the road I suppose.  :)  Weekend goal: CLEAN the house So I can take some new photos!

This morning however I did take a photo! (Since our driveway does not need de-cluttering) –  It’s our NEW TRUCK!


We traded in Husband’s 8 year old muscle car and finally got ourselves a new-to-us used truck, like we perhaps should have done two years ago when we bought our house.  ;)

I’m already prowling craigslist. Just think of all the THINGS I could bring home now that we have a truck – ha! We’ll never have to rent a truck from Home Depot again! It’s also surprisingly 1) more fuel efficient than the muscle car, 2) Smaller from front to back than the muscle car, and 3) cheaper to insure than the muscle car! Sure, I’ve never driven a truck before, but I’l soon sure enough I’ll be drivin’ that truck with my high heels on.  ;D


Photo Recap: Part 7 – The Year of Costuming Continues

Part 7!

Did you think we were done with costumes? NOPE! Not yet. (Sorry not sorry.)

I made a Gehn Costume, the antagonist from the old PC game, Riven: The Sequel to Myst.

Gehn in the Game:


Me standing next to the real costume:



The Gehn Gun I’m holding is, to me anyway, the Standout Star of this costume. It’s the authentic Museum Replica’s Licensed Prop Gehn Gun, one of only a handful known to exist. I promised myself I’d make this costume no matter what if I ever got my hands on one of these. Through a spat of luck and good fortune, it’s now mine, and the costume needed to be made.  :)



This costume looks fairly simple but actually required a lot of behind the scenes sleuthing and work: I custom dyed the fabrics, drafted my own patterns, aged the gold trims with acrylic paint, hunted down authentic vintage goldworked “scrambled eggs” for the sleeves and collar embellishments, managed to win a rare eBay auction for a pair of authentic out-of-production goggles, found the exact Russian military hat badges used to make his center buttons, airbrushed the boots from paper bag brown to off-white (with the help of my friend Jean and her Airbrush!) and 3d modeled/3d printed/painted/mounted my own custom accurate insignia for his belt buckle.


I also made a new wig for an old Makoto Kino Costume (Sailormoon) I’d made in highschool:






And finally, to finish out the year and accompany my friend’s awesome costumes,  I made a Princess Buttercup costume, from The Princess Bride:



I managed to finish the costume just in time for a Theater Screening of The Princess Bride on my Birthday.  :)  From Left to right, we have an ROUS, The Dread Pirate Roberts, Myself as Princess Buttercup, and Inigo Montoya!




(I want to get a new wig for this costume – it’s using my first Cersei wig, and I’m still unhappy with it. Oh well. Next year!)


Finally, in terms of recent projects that haven’t involved the house: I was contacted by Hasbro to be one of their initial Artists chosen to make licensed 3d printed My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic models through Shapeways! The image below shows all the 3d printed sculptures I’ve made so far, available for purchase in my Shapeways Shop!  :)


It was an amazing honor to be chosen, and it brings in a nice little additional source of income.  :)

Okay. Are you home-reno people still here? I haven’t scared you away? I warned you that not much has happened with the house this year. I’ve been busy!  But I’m starting to feel the home renovation ache again, and Husband has been working on brushing up the garage to make it possible to work through the winter. Next post will be back to the Home Renovation stuff, I swear!

I’ll finish this post with some photos of more beautiful sunsets in our neighborhood:


I love our little house.


(Psst, did you want to see more about my costuming? Check out my Costuming Facebook Page!)

Photo Recap: Part 6 – The Year of Costuming Begins

Part 6: The Year of Costuming Begins

Yep, life was going pretty well, and we finally had a functional living room again which meant I was able to claim the back bedroom for a temporary sewing room! Time to make a bunch of costumes!

A few months before I’d signed up to make a Cersei Lannister costume for a big Game of Thrones group my friends were organizing for Emerald City Comic Con:


So I started on that costume first, and got to work. Since I did practically no renovation during these months, I’ll treat you to photos of all the costumes I made, instead:

Cersei Lannister:





And some photos of our group:



We actually won for Best Group Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con!  And set a record for Largest Group, I believe.🙂 My head is blocking our Varys in this photo and Joffrey is blocking our Melisandre.


(Keen readers may notice that I wore this costume with two different wigs – the lighter blonde was my first wig and the darker blonde was the new/more accurate/better version.)

Then I was a zombie for a friends indie movie:


(Around this time I also decided I was sick of my shoulder length brunette hair and went blonde-ish. Hope it doesn’t throw you.)

At the Same time I was working on Cersei, I decided to finally finish a costume I’d wanted to make for a long time: Ozma, the girl Queen of Oz from the Wizard of Oz books. She’s depicted differently in practically every illustration, so I just decided to pick and choose my favorite motifs.  :)



My finished Ozma Costume:




With about 2 weeks of “free time” (ha!) between Emerald City Comic Con and SakuraCon, I made an Emma Skye Costume from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series of games to be worn with my friends in an Assistants To Phoenix Wright Group, which included my first time sewing a real purse:






And then since that Emma Skye costume turned out so well in such a short amount of time, I decided another 2-3 weeks would be plenty of time to knock off another one of my “Someday-Costumes”, so I made Ariel’s blue town dress, from The Little Mermaid:

ArielScreencaps_0092_Layer 19


Ariel Fork hair


(This costume also required me to combine two wigs into one, my first time working this heavily with wigs!)

Amist all this costuming not a whole lot got worked on within our house. Call me one track minded. I did, however, take a small break from costuming to buy a second sofa through Craigslist!


Isn’t it neat? The upholstery is original but in fairly good condition. Someday I’ll get it reupholstered, but it works just fine for now.  :)  We moved our gray sofa (which our friends pitched in to buy us as a wedding gift – we’re so appreciative!) to the other side of the room to make a nice conversation area. The marble coffee table was Husbands, purchased during his bachelor days.


That reminds me, I guess we also bought all those fancy pants wooden blinds for the front windows. Still no trim moldings yet though, “someday…”

An unusual view showing the placement of our fireplace in relation to the front room and our bedroom hallway:



Another unusual event, (HA, did you catch that lame attempt as a segue?)  – we had an amazing strawberry harvest last summer! I was harvesting about this many strawberries every week for a few months:


That’s all for now, more next time in Part 7!

(Psst, did you want to see more about my costuming? Check out my Costuming Facebook Page!)

Photo Recap: Part 5 – In Which We Nest

Part 5!

Around the same time I was installing the floor (fall/winter of 2013,) I saw a mirror on Craigslist the piqued my interest. It’s not in any way Mid Century, but I don’t care. I love it so I bought it. Like an Adult.


ALSO this mirror came with a fantastic surprise!  The man who was selling it rehabilitates orphaned opossums!


He brought a baby with him to show me.He tried to convince me to adopt it – and I was tempted! But I don’t think Ozma would appreciate living in a multi-pet household again. And Opossums are one of those It-seems-like-fun-until-you-own-one kind of wild-not-really-pet-pets. Even though they’re the most adorable. I love possums. Awesome possums.  :)



Back to the renovation:

After the terrible surprise under the carpets in the living room, and a rumor from the next door neighbor about a leaky water heater (which used to be kept in the dining room closet before we relocated it) I decided I needed to know what was under the carpet in the Dining Room. So I tore it up!


Hooray! No terrible surprises! Although you CAN see where some boards were replaced and not refinished. But it’s still a vast improvement over what the room looked like with carpet.

Here’s our table, sittin’ pretty in the de-carpeted dining room:



We also started moving things into the living room, with all it’s new snazzyness.  All it needs now is trim, but we’re holding off on that order until the whole house is done, for consistency.



Ozma approves of the new rug. (Bought on clearance from CB2!)

Too bad the room is looking pretty sparse:


Time to mount all the things to all the walls! Did you know our front windows are over 12 feet wide? I hadn’t realized how expensive curtain rods for this stretch would be until I started looking. Too steep for my blood! Time to kitbash something together from all the different rod lengths and sizes we inherited with the house and some small packages I picked up on clearance:



Of course I forgot to take any head on finished photos, but here’s a shot I took while spray primering everything. I then spraypainted all the rods gold. I’m still on the hunt for nice finials – something simple, maybe with a glass or crystal sphere?  :)



Next up we installed part of the hanging shelf system I picked up earlier in the summer at an Estate Sale down the road:


I suppose you can kind of see the finished drapery rods in that shot. Also our undecorated Christmas tree.  It wouldn’t stay undecorated for long though! We decided to host our own Christmas Party!

I made a cardboard deer head to go above the fireplace, and hung our stockings on command hooks (no mantle – we’re still undecided about adding one or not.) Stu also installed his working trainset on top of the fireplace. It runs on a track all around the chimney and can be turned on and off by remote control.  :)  We had to build up a full plywood “flooring” up there to accommodate it. Before, it dropped down a few bricks to inches and inches of dust.  x.x



Mmmm I love that gas fireplace. I’ve spent so many winter evenings warming up with it.  :)


Such holiday food, much party, wow.  We actually just had our SECOND Christmas Party in our house last night (photo above is from the First Party) – remind me when I get all caught up to post some pictures?  :)

Christmas morning panorama:


Why yes, we DO have a little Holiday Train set up and running circles around our chimney.

No white Christmas for us that year, but I did get a beautiful view out the back yard from our kitchen window:



Yep, even with the seemingly-forever ongoing renovation, life is starting to feel Pretty Dang Good in our house.  :)

Coming up in Part 6, just what HAVE I been doing this past year?!

Photo Recap: Part 4 – The Saga and Resolution of the Living Room Floor

Part 4: The Saga and Resolution of the Living Room Floor

I think this post brings us back time-line-wise to when I stopped the blog last time. I got so discouraged by what we found when I pulled up these carpets that I kind of lost the will (ugh so dramatic) to keep on trying to catch up to our then-present-day events. Was this really all that readers could look forward to? The “Tada!” of ruined floors and botched DIY? Well, now there’s enough distance between me and these ruined floors that I can show the horror:



Yep. Those stains and strips of popped parquet were what we discovered under the carpet.

I spent hours sanding that stained parquet, both by hand and by power tool (since it was parquet and had alternating grain everyone recommended against a regular big belt sander,) but it backfired when somehow after wiping off the dirt and sawdust, huge dark stains appeared everywhere we’d sanded which only made the floor look worse than ever! I wasn’t home for this incident, so I’ll never know exactly what happened, but this combined with the additional pieces under the windows which had dry-rotted past hope of salvation made us knuckle down and decide to start over with new floor.

Around this same time we lowered the floor 2″ in our entry way closet. For some reason it was raised on a platform before? And had a hole cut in it for the old internal vacuum system we’ve removed. We took out the old broken tube vacuum pipes, and built in a new ceiling and additional attic access panel inside. And painted and laid new flooring.

Since the old floor was nailed in oak sticks and couldn’t be installed directly on the concrete slab, we installed some of the salvaged parquet floor from the Living Room in this little room as a memento.   Even though it’s gone from the Living Room, I still think that the basket-weave pattern was really pretty and the honey color was really pleasant. It makes me happy to think that at least a small chunk lives on in the hall closet.  :)

It’s amazing how much soot from the house’s old woodstove got into every little crevice of this house:


We tore out the old flooring and pressed fiberboard subfloor down to the concrete slab in preparation for installing new flooring:


But then I got distracted by the need to make a new costume for Steamcon (a now sadly defunct Steampunk Convention) and meet Professor Elemental in person:


I mean, come on. It’s Professor Elemental. This stuff is Important.

…Then I continued to be distracted, and decorated the house for Halloween:


And I dressed up as a student from House Ravenclaw! (We made our own wands! Husband was a Hufflepuff Professor.)


Enough fun, back to The Renovation. Time to pull out a bunch of staples from the living room stairs:


I thought about refinishing the wood but decided to paint the rises instead. I think they were just too far gone, and I liked the look of the bright white. I’m usually against painting wood, but… I think this looks better. Our house, our rules! You can see the new paint in the photo below.

After about a month or two of procrastinating, I FINALLY installed new living room floor!  We ended up picking out a dramatic dark caramelized stranded bamboo to match the overhead beam. I like to say I installed this floor 100% myself because I did SO MUCH of the chop saw work, but it’s not entirely true. Husband moved the heavy boxes around for me.  ;)


And on that happy note I’ll end this post. More in Part 5  :)